Schill Malz

Germany has a worldwide reputation not only for the production of unique German beers but also for excellent brewing malt. Schill Malz produces a number of high quality malts including Pilsen, wheat and specialty malts required for the production of great beers.

Founded in 1859, Schill Malz is a long established supplier to local and export markets with the additional advantage of being able to source barley not only from local growers, but also from France, Czech Republic and Denmark cost effectively.

The latest addition to the GrainCorp Malt family, Schill Malz is made up of two malting plants with a total production capacity of 140,000 tonnes. The plants are located in Worms and Mülheim/Ruhr, ideally situated in relation to barley supply and malt sales to customers.

As part of the international GrainCorp Malt group, one of the biggest malting groups in the world, with sites in five counties on three continents, we are able to access to the most important growing regions and markets of the world.